We believe that our church is on a mission. To achieve this mission, we must consistently fund it. Jesus said that where we put our treasures is a reflection of what's captured our hearts. And since our hearts are what need transforming, Jesus invites us to give generously and sacrificially in ways that align with His dream for the world. Therefore, we see giving as an expression of worship where we communicate our trust in God.

Give below using our new payment processor, Zeffy.

With Zeffy, you give $100, we receive $100.

With other processors, including PayPal, you give $100, we receive $97.75.
We are in the process of switching exclusively to Zeffy, so try it out!
This switch will save us $1,000s in processing fees!

In the donation form, you'll find a drop down menu with a suggested additional donation (we don't have any control over the suggested additional donation).
AREN'T REQUIRED to include an additional donation --
in the drop down,
choose "other" then enter "0".

If you'd like, you might want to consider an additional donation of 2% to cover processing fees; but even if you choose not to, we pay no fees with Zeffy!

If you give with a recurring donation on PayPal,
take a moment to set up your monthly donation on Zeffy,
then deactivate your recurring donation on PayPal.

You will receive a confirmation email from Zeffy,

where you can set up your Zeffy account to manage your recurring donations.

We are still receiving payments through PayPal (for now).

You can use your debit card or Paypal account.

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