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  • small groups

    It's not what you think!  

    We've intentionally dropped all the buzz words that have surrounded small groups in churches for the past 30 years.

    We're just tyring to create environments where you can connect with other believers and continue in your journey as a follower of Jesus Christ.

    Specifics about our small groups coming soon!

  • give

    We believe that God has generously blessed us with the resources we have, and giving back through the church is one of the ways we express our gratitude to God. It’s part of how we worship Him. And honestly, it’s how we propel God’s mission through the local church.

  • serve

    We believe the Scriptures teach that once someone begins to follow Jesus, he or she is now a minister. Therefore, all of us have a responsibility to partner with one another, own the mission together, and discover how we can utilize our time, gifts, and resources to make the most significant impact possible.

  • care

    Our team of volunteers would be happy to connect with you, to talk, to pray, to help where we can.

    Let's be honest... we can't meet every need that comes our way. But we are committed to making an effort.

  • ministry team schedules

    Click to view, download and print your Ministry Team schedules.