Why Membership?

Membership helps the church leadership identify the people we can trust to lead and care for others. Because of what membership represents, members are the most qualified people to be in a leadership position.

Often, if people are not willing to be held accountable, to go public with their faith, or to commit to leading people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, it can be an indication that they are not ready to lead others within the church environments.

Membership signifies that a person has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and that he/she is willing to go public with that faith through identifying with the local church.

Membership signifies one's willingness to support this ministry with his or her time, talents, and finances, and to be held accountable to the values of FCF.

Partnering with the church helps lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Members can draw great satisfaction from knowing that they are instrumental in leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Those people who want to join Faith Community understand the paradigm shift of "What do I get?" to "What can I give?" Membership here is not just having your name on a list. Being a member indicates a willingness to partner and potentially lead with us in our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that life change happens best through community. A small group is the best environment to open God's Word together, pray together, grow together, be held accountable, be cared for, and experience being part of a family.


the covenant here.

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